Glazed or Iced donuts, even when finished properly may change in appearance relative to their environment. For example, chocolate iced donuts displayed in counter top open back cases may appear dull if the temperature inside the case is below 20C such as you may experience during winter months. Conversely, the same donut displayed in the same way during the summer months may become tacky, or worse the icing may melt and flow off the donut under extremely warm and humid conditions. Ideally, donuts should be merchandised in a display counter where the temperature remains between 20-25C and at least 15cm (8″) below flourescent lights.

Packaging donuts presents a different set of problems. Paragon Glaze and Paragon Icings have been specifically designed for retail use. Any donut glaze or donut Icing when packaged, will “break down” at the point where the packaging film touches the surface of the icing or glaze. Properly designed boxes and trays are available in a variety of sizes and styles, for information contact your paper box distributor.

Glazed donuts which appear dull will result from either the glaze being too cool (Below 40C) or from glazing donuts which have not been thoroughly thawed from heating. Oven temperatures may vary, by different degrees to find a temperature that gives the best results for you.

Glazed donuts which appear grainy or tacky may be the result of over-heating the glaze (above 50°C). Discard over-heated glaze, and begin glazing with fresh glaze.